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In Every Lesson, We Motivate, Inspire, and Empower You!


Looking to get a lead in a musical? Looking to sing better in choir? Looking to perform at an open mic night?


We customize your lessons to help you achieve and exceed all of your goals. Your journey and growth are very important to us.


We inspire our students to cultivate a love for music and expression. You’ll learn various techniques and methods that will level up your musical skills and propel you to success.


We empower our students from the inside out. We give each student the tools to achieve their goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and build confidence. Most importantly, we encourage our students to use those skills in their everyday lives.

My children have studied under Phil Diaz for almost 10 years. He has been an incredible mentor. As my children grew and looked for colleges, Phil guided and prepared them for interviews and auditions. He has been an invaluable partner in their personal journeys. Not only does Phil ask the right questions, but he also listens carefully to the answers so he can help them build the tools they need to move forward. Phil continually checks in with his students to see how they are feeling about what they are doing and do they understand how things work so they can replicate their success in the studio when they are working on the stage. We are so grateful to him for taking the extra time to know who our kids are and help them select perfect performance pieces. Phil made sure each one of our kids knew the intention for their performances pieces. He encouraged them to make those pieces their own. When his students were going through difficult times in their growth as performers he gently and purposefully kept them motivated with exercises that suited their personalities. For my son, Phil incorporated core training exercises to help with focus and strength. I remember Phil challenging Alex to sing through his piece while doing a plank. What a difference that made in my son’s technique. I whole heartedly recommend Phil as a mentor to any of my performing colleagues. If you are looking for a coach who teaches from a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset, Phil is perfect.

Barb V.

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