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A Holistic Approach To Developing The Voice

We have an amazing power that exists within us. The voice is an incredible catalyst for the soul’s evolution. By empowering us to take risks and expand our mental limitations, we can achieve freedom, expression, and authenticity in our sound.

The key to finding our voice lies in understanding that singing encompasses everything that happens to us physically, mentally, and metaphysically. In other words, we are the instrument!The voice teacher’s mission is to guide the student to trust their own expressive and intuitive process. We have the tools and knowledge to guide you on the path but ultimately, the technical blueprint is yours!

Physically, we identify what the singer needs for efficient and free vocalization. This includes proper posture, breath support, engaging the body, and effective use of vocal anatomy. The physical layer is a vital one!

Mentally, we look at what thoughts and beliefs hold us back from expressing ourselves. Are we afraid of high notes? Are we afraid to sing in front of others? Are we afraid to speak with resonance? As teachers, we guide students to overcome these mental barriers that can hinder free phonation and creativity.

On a metaphysical level, are there blockages in the chakras? Are there holding patterns that need to be cleared? Can other modalities be involved to help the student achieve a free and resonant sound?

As we explore the different layers to the voice, singing becomes a journey into the innermost workings of our soul. We do more than learn a song. We learn about who we are, what stands in the way of our true sound, and we allow ourselves to evolve into even greater versions of ourselves.

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