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Three ways to Improve your Voice this Year!

As we enter 2024, this is an opportunity to revisit current goals, future aspirations, and set the tone for the year. We often take the time to curate a list of personal resolutions to guide us along the way. Many people would not consider improving their voice on the list of resolutions; however, there are easy ways create vocal freedom. Here are three ways to improve your voice in 2024:

  1. Check in with your breath! Breathwork is a cornerstone in easy vocal production. Finding exercises that support the diaphragm, intercostal expansion, and a lower connection to the body creates a connected and grounded voice. Additionally, pranayama, yoga, and meditation are wonderful modalities that create an increased awareness in our experience with the breath. A simple mantra we can tell ourselves is, "Remember to breathe."

  2. Check in with your alignment! Posture plays a key role in efficient vocal production. Remember that resonance starts from the ground up. When you are standing to speak or sing, do you feel your feet planted on the ground? Are your hips in alignment? Are your shoulders rounded? Checking in with our body can help us identify areas not in alignment. Yoga and chakra work can also facilitate an improvement in our physical and energetic postures. Remember the whole body is the instrument and what happens energetically can manifest as freedom or tension in our voice.

  3. Check in with your theatrical voice! You’d be surprised how many singers come into the studio and are afraid to speak in an outward fashion. "Sing the way that you speak" is a phrase often talked about in classical and contemporary vocal pedagogy. This phrase only holds true if you allow yourself the space to be loud when you speak! It’s as simple as creating the intention which is a pillar of vocal technique.

Explore these ideas and see how it impacts your singing or speaking voice. If you want to find out more, call or email me to schedule a lesson today! Here’s to a great 2024!


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